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Vaping 101

What is vaping?

An electronic cigarette,electronic vaping device, personal vaporizer, or electronic nicotine delivery system is an electronic inhaler meant to simulate and substitute for tobacco smoking. It generally utilizes a heating element that vaporizes a liquid solution.

How to Vape

Put your lips on the tip, inhale, then exhale! Using an e-cig is really straightforward, with little to no learning curve. Some electronic cigarettes require you to hold down a button while inhaling, while others are activated by your breath - either way, using an e-cig is really simple - and far less harmful for you than traditional cigarettes. 

As electronic cigarette are refilled with e-juice, you’ll need to first make sure your cartomizer/cartridge/tank is filled with e-liquid, and you’ll also need to make sure the battery is charged. Once you’ve taken care of these two points, you’re ready to start vaping! As a quick summary, to get started vaping here’s what you’ll need:

  • A battery
  • An atomizer or type of cartomizer
  • A mouth piece
  • A charger
  • Some e-liquid

Whatever your preference, there’s an e-cig out there for you.

What is pg/vg?

Propylene glycol (pg), and Vegetable Glycerin (vg) are the base ingredients of any e-liquid. PG/VG is the ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin in the mixture. PG is always first, VG is always second: 70/30 = 70% PG / 30 % VG

100% PG e-liquid will produce very little vapor. This is the most common mistake we see. New vapers choose 100% PG (we did it too) because it's the first choice on the list. Then it's so disappointing when there's no vapor like you've seen in all those videos! It somehow makes it feel like the device isn't working, but it is. PG will produce more throat hit, carry flavor through better, and it's thinner. It doesn't make the vapor though. VG is really thick like honey, makes the vapor, and can decrease the throat hit. Certain devices require a certain thickness of juice to operate, so to be safe we always say start with a 70/30 mix. Save the 100% PG e-liquids for vaping in the movie theater. It works great!


Design of E-Cigs

The majority of e-cigs come in either 2 piece designs, or 3 piece designs. The two piece design consists of a battery, and clearomizer (a cartridge/atomizer built into one). The 3 piece design consists of a battery, cartridge, and atomizer. The threading on most batteries is standard, allowing you to easily interchange between 2 piece and 3 piece designs, whatever your preference.


The atomizer, also known as attyoratties, is a small heating coil that vaporizes e-liquid which generally consists of a simple filament and wicking metal mesh or silica wick that draws the liquid.The cartomizer also known as a carto or clearomizer (clearo) is a combination of the atomizer and the cartridge in the same unit. Cartomizers are attached directly to the battery. Some cartomizers are offered with a clear transparent tube that allows the user to see the levels of juice. The term coined for this model is clearomizer.


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